Can you freeze Potatoes?

When buying potatoes, you will notice that they are sold in large bags. The best way to store them must be at room temperature. They will last for weeks or even months as long as you keep them in a dark place with proper ventilation. But the question is, can you freeze potatoes like other vegetables?

Potatoes will last for several months when frozen properly but you need to prepare them first. Freezing the potatoes can improve their texture and flavor for some dishes. It’s a good idea to freeze them so that you can save money and ensure that you will always have a supply whenever you need it for any dish.

Can you freeze potatoes

Yes, you can freeze potatoes and use them for cooking as well. It will last longer than keeping them stored in your kitchen cabinet. Not only can you freeze french fries but you can also do this for hash browns and mashed potatoes. Frozen potatoes are also best for some recipes since they will have a better flavor and texture.

However, potatoes should be slightly cooked before freezing them. Spuds will not freeze well if they are raw so it’s best to prepare your potatoes first by cooking them partially. Use fresh potatoes to ensure that you can store them for up to 3 months. When you already need the potatoes for cooking, you can thaw or use them as it is.

How to freeze potatoes

The best way to freeze potatoes is to cook them partially beforehand. Prepare them first whether it’s for hash browns, french fries, or wedges. Raw potatoes have so much water in them and will not freeze well. It will make the potatoes watery, mushy, or even grainy if you freeze them raw. Partial cooking before freezing will make the potatoes freeze better.

Any type of potatoes can be frozen such as the Yukon gold potatoes, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, and russet potatoes. They don’t need to be defrosted or thawed before cooking your dishes. Since they are partially cooked, frozen potatoes will help you save time from skinning and chopping potatoes.

Before freezing, make sure to only use potatoes that are at the top of their peak of freshness. It will ensure that they will still be good even after several months have passed. The freshness of the potatoes will remain even after freezing. Use airtight freezer bags with a single layer to make freezing and thawing faster. Put the date and label the bags to avoid eating food that has gone bad and stop wasting food.

1. Wash thoroughly

Choose the freshest potatoes in the bag and wash them thoroughly. Make sure that the skin of the potatoes is squeaky clean.

2. Skin and chop

Use a sharp knife to peel the potatoes if you prefer it without the skin. Chop them according to your preference. Slice or dice the potatoes for different dishes for future use.

3. Blanch

Prepare a large pot of water and let it boil. Blanch the potatoes afterward before cooking. But blanching alone is not enough since it will deactivate the enzymes from the spuds. That will cause them to lose their texture and even spoil faster.

After blanching, cook the potatoes partially until it’s a bit tender but avoid cooking them all the way. Depending on the size of the potatoes, the cooking time will vary.

4. Ice bath and dry

Give the potatoes an ice bath to stop the cooking process. Transfer them to a large bowl of ice water and soak them a little. Once the potatoes have their ice bath, you can transfer them to a tray to dry. Use paper towels to get rid of the excess water from the spuds.

5. Freeze and store

Using a single layer of parchment paper, place and arrange the potatoes. Put them inside the freezer and leave until the potatoes are frozen. It may take around 6 hours before it happens but it will avoid the potatoes from sticking to each other.

Prepare a freezer bag to transfer the potatoes from the baking sheet. Before sealing the bag, press out all the air from it. An airtight container can also be used to store the potatoes from freezing. Don’t freeze the potatoes if you’re planning to use them for baked potato dishes.

How long can you freeze potatoes

Potatoes can stay in the freezer for as long as 3 months. It should still be good for cooking dishes that need potatoes. Freezing potatoes will allow you to have them ready for future use. It can last longer compared to storing them raw in a cool and dry place.

Blanching or cooking the potatoes partially can make them freeze well. It will help you save time from food preparation and always have them available. Avoid freezing raw potatoes or they will end up watery and mushy. It’s great for special occasions and cooking for the holidays.

How to use frozen potatoes for cooking

Now that you know how to freeze potatoes, you need to learn how to use them for future cooking. The best thing about frozen potatoes is that you can use them for any dish that requires potatoes. Use it for mashed potatoes, hash browns, french fries, roasted potatoes, and other potato dishes that you like to cook.

When you need potatoes for the next meal, take them out of the freezer. Cook them fully since they are only partially cooked. You can use frozen potatoes without defrosting or thawing them first. Potatoes are better frozen especially for french fries since they will be more crispy compared to when you use fresh potatoes.


Freezing potatoes is a great way of preparing them for your future dishes. It will save you a lot of time when you need to cook a potato dish. This process also avoids wasting food since the potatoes will last 3 months if frozen. Freezing potatoes will save money and effort from going to the supermarket when you need potatoes for your recipes.

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