Can you freeze Oranges?

Yes, oranges are safe to freeze. Regardless if you are a business or a family man/woman, it’s possible to freeze oranges and maintain the overall fruit flavor. Since oranges are seasonal fruits, it’s wise to buy a stock and freeze. As such, you can comfortably buy many oranges and freeze them for consumption when the market lacks the fruit.

There exists diverse ways of freezing oranges. You can either freeze them when peeled, sliced, or whole. The method of freezing you opt to use is dictated by the purpose intended of the fruit.

How long can you freeze oranges in a fridge?

Like other fruits, temperature is vital when storing oranges in a fridge. Oranges left at room temperature can stay for up to one week fresh. Oranges that are left unprotected for more than a week usually develop unusual colors.

Besides this, the flavor and the sweetness of the fruit also decline drastically. To avoid all this, it’s wise to keep oranges in a fridge and thus preserve their shelf life. Frozen oranges last up to 3 weeks while maintaining their flavor. This method is ideal, especially when there are many oranges that can last for weeks.

How can you preserve oranges longer?

Other than freezing, there many methods that you can use to store oranges longer. Some notable methods that are ideal for preserving oranges include; Canning, dehydration, or storing in a conventional fridge. It all depends on your budget when selecting the best method for preserving oranges.

How can you freeze oranges?

Before freezing oranges, it’s important to first clean the fruit and also the storage containers. Regular tap water is ideal for cleaning the fruit. Avoid using soapy water to maintain the original fruit flavor. Also, the storage containers should be sterilized or treated with boiling water. As we said earlier on, oranges can be frozen either as a whole, sliced, or when peeled. Let’s look at how these fruits can be frozen:

Freezing oranges when whole

This method of preserving oranges is super easy and simple. First, wash the fruits under regular tap water to remove the dirt. After cleaning the oranges, insert them into freezer bags and squeeze out all the air inside. Seal the bags to curb the outside air from entering the bags again. Lastly proceed to place the bags into the freezer.

Freezing peeled oranges

This method is also easy and suitable for people who have less kitchen time due to their busy schedules. To achieve this method, the orange cover is first removed together with the pith. Then proceed to divide the orange into segments and then insert them into bags. Remove as much air as you can from the bags before embarking on sealing them completely. Lastly, put the packed oranges into the freezer for preservation.

Can you dehydrate oranges?

Yes, you can dehydrate oranges and thus extend their shelf life. This method isn’t cumbersome and is simple to articulate. To dehydrate oranges, first the oven is heated up to 200 degrees. Embark to slice the oranges and cook them for 2 and half hours. This method preserves oranges for up to 2 years if done properly. Dehydrated oranges are used to make garnish during cocktail parties.

Can you defrost oranges?

Technically, it’s possible to defrost oranges depending on the method used to freeze them. For whole oranges, they need to be left in an open bowl overnight. The juice is defrosted by using a microwave. Defrosted juice is suitable when making smoothies.

Can you thaw frozen orange fruits?

It’s possible to thaw frozen oranges. To thaw these fruits, you need to follow one of these methods of preparation:

In the refrigerator

In terms of quality, this is the best method of thawing and it takes a couple of hours. If you are planning to defrost a full-size orange, place the fruit to the fridge for up to 8 hours.

Subject the fruit freeze

Just place the frozen orange pieces into a glass of regular or distilled water. Also, you can opt to utilize the frozen fruit in place of iced cubes. Beware! First, ensure that your blender can crush the orange pieces conveniently.

By the counter

First, leave the orange segments on the counter for an hour before adding them to a smoothie. Never at any time use defrosted full oranges, especially at room temperatures. This is harmful to your health and also a waste of your precious time.

Is it possible to refreeze orange fruits?

Not possible. Most fruits and vegetables when frozen can’t be refrozen back since freezing draws away all the water. This makes the fruit lose a lot of moisture and thus the flavor and juiciness. Also, refreezing these fruits is not a worthwhile venture to articulate.

How can you freeze oranges well?

By nature, oranges usually freeze well. It all depends on the mode you want to use them after freezing. Slicing oranges before freezing is a better preservation method compared to using them when whole. Frozen orange fruits are best when used for their zest or juice. It all depends on your wants and preferences.

Can you freeze navel oranges?

Most food experts advise people to avoid freezing navel oranges and this is the reason. Navel oranges have the limonin compound which is catalyzed when oranges are frozen. This compound is unpleasant and bitter and thus makes it un-ideal to freeze navel oranges. The best option is to juice the oranges first before freezing. Importantly, the juice is good for consumption after just a few days.


Oranges are good to freeze. The best thing about freezing this edible fruit is that you can consume it months after freezing. Also, In case you have many fruits you can comfortably preserve them and consume at a later date. In the low season when there are no oranges, there is no need to worry since you have a reserve of frozen oranges to consume and keep your body healthy. All the best mate!

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